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V&A Dundee’s favourite projects from the Graduate Showcase 2021

“This is a stellar piece of work which highlights the issues of the anti-Asian hate movement. Striking, impactful use of colour and typography informed by a solid body of research, raising awareness and offering support to victims. Seriously impressed!” 

Leonie Bell, Director of V&A Dundee 

A publication about the Anti-Asian hate movement

This publication is a reminder of the unjust Asian communities worldwide have faced in history despite the great inventions that Asian communities have brought to the world. Many contributions are being used in everyday lives worldwide. Through interviewing many victims of Asian hate crimes, I had a better perspective of the world not through media or the news but empathetic conversations. I found my community in the middle of a chaotic pandemic. Through this publication, I want to raise awareness about the Anti-Asian hate movement, and I hope many victims of Asian hate crimes will feel more supported.

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