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Branding for a Vietnamese Restaurant

After many months spent in traveling constraints, my year was filled with nostalgia and homesickness. I started to think about traveling through design and utilise my difficulties by turning them into creative projects. 'Braw Bún' was created as branding for a Vietnamese restaurant in Scotland. By using bold and bright colours, Braw Bún strives to convey an image of a youthful Vietnam. Vietnam was a country well known for the war through black and white movies and photos. Braw Bún is here to change that perception and promote a fun, young, and beautiful country for tourism. Alongside the branding, Xe Máy (which means Motorcycles in Vietnamese) typeface was created inspired by the bustling environment of motorbikes in Vietnam and their number plates. With 45 million registered motorbikes on a 92 million population headcount, Vietnam has one of the highest motorbike ownership rates worldwide.

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